Teachers with disabilities in Portugal:Profile, representations and practices


Project Title:
Teachers with disabilities in Portugal:Profile, representations and practices

Start and end of Project
June to December 2016

Chief Investigator
Professora Doutora Paula Campos Pinto

Research Team

Researcher Name
Institucional Afiliation
Alice Trindade CAPP/ISCSP/ULisboa
Albino Cunha ISCSP/ULisboa
Leonor Borges UALG
Patrícia Neca ODDH, ISCSP, ULisboa


Partners e Consultants:

Name Institucional Afiliation
Fernando Serra ISCSP, ULisboa
Parceria - Fenprof  



The concept of inclusive school was introduced in the Portuguese legislation through the Decree-Law 3/2008, with the aim of improving access to the regular school of traditionally excluded groups (e.g. students with disabilities). However, from a rights-based perspective, schools must be inclusive at all levels and respectful of diversity, not just in their studentship, but through the entire school community, as it is stated in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (art. 24.4). In this sense, the current exploratory study aims to start addressing the knowledge gaps about the situation of teachers with disabilities, the kinds of challenges and barriers they face in their practice and the social representations that exist about them. Therefore, the research will involve:


  1. A quantitative survey to obtain the socio-demographic profile of teachers with disabilities;
  2. A qualitative study to explore their professional trajectories, aiming to identify factor of (un)success;
  3. A qualitative study to understand the representations and practices of schools communities about teachers with disabilities, namely: i) of teachers without disabilities; ii) of students with and without disabilities; iii) of the school principals.

The collection and analysis of this information is fundamental to identify the barriers, the facilitators and the promising practices regarding the inclusion of teachers with disabilities and their relationship with the inclusive school.