The adjustment of public service delivery to its demand

Project Title:
The adjustment of public service delivery to its demand

Start and End of Project
2013 until 2016

Chief Investigator:
Prof. Pedro Goulart

Research Team:

Researcher Name Institutional Afilliation
Pedro Goulart CAPP/ISCSP
Bruno Alle
Luís Farrajota


Public service delivery has faced considerable challenges in adapting to changes in demand due to the lack of flexibility of its supply. This project offers a review and analysis of key alternatives on what and where to offer certain public services. The “what to offer” problem regards on which services should be delivered and how to choose these: through a traditional top-down approach decided by bureaucrats, or in a bottom-up approach decided by users.
The “where to offer” problem regards the location of the supply, which crucially depends on the quantity of users and the level of specialization of services needed. These decisions imply efficiency, distance, cost, redistributive and satisfaction considerations. The project aims to study sectors such as social services, health and education.