Women, Human Rights and Disability in the Middle East

Project Title
Women, Human Rights and Disability in the Middle East

Research Team

Researcher Name Institutional Afiliation
Paula Campos Pinto CAPP/ISCSP/ULisboa
Diana Teixeira CAPP/ISCSP/ULisboa


Disability Rights Promotion International, York University

Funding Entity
International Organization Stars of Hope.


Funded by Stars of Hope and developed in collaboration with Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI), this study aims at monitoring the human rights of women with disability in five countries of the Middle East: Jordan, Yemen, Sudan, Egypt and the Palestinian Territories.
From this research a report will be issued, drawing from information collected through the DRPI Law and Policy Monitoring Template. This assessment tool has been developed to collect, evaluate, report and track information about protections of the rights of persons with disabilities found in national laws, policies and programs, using the principles and rights established in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and other international human rights instruments as benchmarks.
In the current project, the DRPI Template was adapted in order to give it a more clear gender focus. Therefore, the tool will guide monitors in their work to identify the extent to which national legislative and policy frameworks protect and promote the human rights of women with disabilities. Through a series of questions and research guidelines, the Template measures both the laws and the programs currently on the books as well as the degree to which women with disabilities enjoy their rights in practice.