Os artigos nesta seção correspondem a uma seleção da produção científica dos investigadores do CAPP.

Cavaleiro, Sandra Veigas
Gomes, Catarina
Lopes, Miguel
Armed Forces and Society The Relation Between Family-Supportive Work Environment and Work–Family Conflict: Does Leader Support Act as a Moderator of This Relation in the Portuguese Navy?
Ferreira da Silva, Maria Joana
Kopp, Gisela H.
Casanova, Catarina,
Godinho, Raquel
Minhós, Tânia
Sá, Rui
Zinner, Dietmar
Bruford, Michael W.
PLOS|one Disrupted dispersal and its genetic consequences: Comparing protected and threatened baboon populations (Papio papio) in West Africa
Goulart, Pedro
Veiga, Francisco
Grilo, Catarina
Data in Brief Public numbers on monetary valuation of fish landings
Goulart, Pedro
Veiga, Francisco
Grilo, Catarina
Fisheries Research The evolution of fisheries in Portugal: A methodological reappraisal with insights from economics
Neves, Bárbara
Fonseca, Jaime
Amaro, Fausto
Pasqualotti, Adriano
PLOS|one Social capital and Internet use in an agecomparative perspective with a focus on later life
Ribeiro, Raquel
Fonseca, Jaime
Soares, Isabel
International Journal of Consumer Studies Spend as I say, not as I do: Children, families and household consumption in different socio-economic contexts
Santos, Paula Mota International Journal of Heritage Studies  The concept of ‘first-place’ as an Aristotelean exercise on the Metaphysics of Heritage
Santos, Paula Mota International Journal of Heritage Studies
A Hyperreal First-Place: Portugal dos Pequenitos theme park and the narrative of origins

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