Os artigos nesta seção correspondem a uma seleção da produção científica dos investigadores do CAPP.

Amante, Maria de Fátima Journal of Borderlands Studies Performing Borders: Exceptions, Security and Symbolism in Portuguese Borders Control

Costa, Susana

Conservation and Society What Does Conservation Mean for Women? the Case of the Cantanhez Forest National Park
Esteves, Tiago
Lopes, Miguel Pereira
Western Journal of Nursing Research Leading to Crafting: The Relation Between Leadership Perception and Nurses’ Job Crafting

Goulart, Pedro

Social Science History The Evolution of Child Labor in Portugal, 1850-2001

Goulart, Pedro

The Journal of Educational Research Interest in School and Educational Sucess in Portugal

Lopes, Miguel

Management & Organizational History Leading by fear and by love: Niccolò Machiavelli and the enlightened despotism of the Marquis of Pombal in the eighteenth century Portugal

Rego, Arménio
Chi, Yam Kai
Owens, Bradley
Cunha, Miguel Pina
Lopes, Miguel
Story, Joana
Bluhm, Dustin

Journal of Management Conveyed Leader Psycap Predicting Leader Effectiveness through Positive Energizing
Sanches, Edalina
Lisi, Marco
Razzuoli, Isabella
Espírito Santo, Paula
Acta Politica Intra-party democracy from members’ viewpoint: the case of left-wing parties in Portugal

Sebastião, Sónia
Zulato, Giovana
Santos, Tânia

Public Relations Review Public relations practitioners’ attitudes towards the ethical use of social media in Portuguese speaking countries
Tavares, Lara
Zantomio, Francesca
Health Policy Inequity in healthcare use among older people after 2008: The case of southern European countries
Wasterlain, Sofia
Alves, Rute
Garcia, Susana
Marques, António
International Journal of Paleopathology  Ovarian teratoma: A case from 15th–18th century Lisbon, Portugal

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