Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour



Sónia Gonçalves


The Human Resources & Organizational Behavior (HR&CO) group aims to contribute to the human performance and well-being improvement of people and organizations, particularly in the Portuguese-speaking countries.

Main Goals:

Given the HR&CO Group mission, as well as the international research agenda in these areas, we aim to do research that helps to answer to the following questions:

  • What are the virtuous and synergistic organizing processes and policies that drive simultaneous positive growth of people, businesses, and communities?
    The topic of positive organizations or positive organizational studies is among the key management and administration topics of the last decade and with still much to go ahead.
  • What are the culturally specific features of managing and organizing in Portugal and the other Portuguese-speaking countries? Acknowledging that there is no “one size fits all” in human resources and organizing issues at the same time that globalization is reaching everywhere, there is a growing interest in understanding the intercultural and transcultural processes in management and administration studies. Given CAPP’s interests in lusophone studies and the need to do research that impacts our key stakeholders – Portuguese communities and businesses – we set out the need to further understand the “portuguese way” of managing and organizing for performance and well-being as cornerstone of our research group.