V6, N2, 2020


DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2020.VVIN2/pp.15-20

Pedro G. Rodrigues, CAPP, ISCSP, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Maria João Bárrios, CAPP, ISCSP, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Feliciano Villar, University of Barcelona, Spain


Aging in Place in Portugal

DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2020.VVIN2/pp.41-58

António M. Fonseca, CEDH, FEP-UCP, Portugal


The Elderly, Digital Technologies and the Breakdown of Social Ties: Risks of Exclusion or Lures of Inclusion?

DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2020.VVIN2/pp.79-97

Philippe Pitaud, IGS, AMU, France


German pension and labour market reforms and the potential rise of social inequality amongst older workers and pensioners

DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2020.VVIN2/pp.99-117

Moritz Heß, University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein, Germany

Jürgen Bauknecht, University of Applied Sciences Koblenz, Germany

Gerhard Naegele, TU Dortmund University, Germany

Philipp Stiemke, Institute of Gerontology, TU Dortmund University, Germany


Retirement age: One size does not fit all

DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2020.VVIN2/pp.119-147

Margarida Castro Rego, NOVA SBE, UNL, Portugal


Caring for non-self-sufficient older people in Italy: from a familistic system to the immigrant live-in careworker model

DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2020.VVIN2/pp.149-168

Carla Facchini, University of Milano Bicocca, Italy


Territories of Frailty: Aging and Public Policy - A Project of Continuing Education

DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2020.VVIN2/pp.195-220

Beltrina Côrte, PUC-SP, Brazil

Vera Brandão, PUC-SP, Brazil