V2, N1 (2016) Junho

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Publicado online:  Junho 2016

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Paulo Castro Seixas

Páginas: 5-7 | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN1/editorial


Reflections on the fundamental duty of society and state to protect the environment
Matheus Passos Silva

Páginas: 11-28 | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN1/pp.11-28

Hand-to-hand: case study on the uses of the body in the relationship between workers and the organization of a commercial establishment in the County of Sintra
João Gomes

Páginas: 29-50  | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN1/pp.29-50

Comparison of rules of conduct for Portuguese public administration workers: the tension between the treatment of personal data and ethical duties
Pedro Correia, Inês de Jesus, João Bilhim

Páginas: 51-74  | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN1/pp.51-74

Public policies and the regional railroad: The Lleida Line - La Pobla de Segur
André Pires, Fernanda Nogueira, Francisco Diniz

Páginas: 75-96  | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN1/pp.75-96

A policy for Europe in the Major Planning Options (2016-2019)
Maria Teresa Macedo, Rui Marques

Páginas: 97-118 | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN1/pp.97-118

Ethnic conflicts and the media
Maria Pignatelli

Páginas: 119-139  | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN1/pp.119-139


Habitat III: diagnosis of the last 20 years and challenges for the future in the context of a sustainable urban development [interview]
Avelino Oliveira

Páginas: 145-152 | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN1/pp.145-152

Action-research: Amadora's Strategic Plan for Sustainable Ageing, 2016-2025 [interview]
Fernando Serra

Páginas: 153-161 | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN1/pp.153-161