V2, N2 (2016) Dezembro

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Publicado online:  Dezembro 2017

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Pedro Goulart, Paulo Castro Seixas

Páginas: 5-6 | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN2/editorial


Essay on partnerships models in PPP hospitals in Portugal: Contributions from Institutional Theory and Organic Metaphor
Pedro Correia, Pedro Carrapato, João Bilhim

Páginas: 9-28 | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN2/pp.9-28

Different paths towards obesity: exploring the causes of obesity including the paradox food insecurity - obesity
Susana J. Garcia

Páginas: 29-47  | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN2/pp.29-47

Social Inclusion: An analysis of the rights of persons with disabilities in Brazil
Aline Correia

Páginas: 49-64  | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN2/pp.49-64

Strengths and weaknesses of Zimbabwe's National Social Security Authority: a critical point of view
Tatenda Goodman Nhapi, Takudzwa Leonard Mathende

Páginas: 65-77  | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN2/pp.65-77

Tree of Three Roots: innovative policy for Venezuela?
Andreza Lima, Rebeca Coutinho

Páginas: 79-94 | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN2/pp.79-94

Book Review

Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations, Peter M. Ginter, Jack Duncan, Linda E. Swayne
Luís F. Morais

Páginas: 97-100  | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN2/pp.97-100


DECIDE Research Project: Monitoring the right to social protection of persons with disabilities in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco
Entrevista com Paula Campos Pinto e Albino Cunha

Páginas: 105-111 | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN2/pp.105-111

Research Project: Restorative Justice at a Sustainable Post-Judgment Level and Victim Protection
Entrevista com Rui Pereira

Páginas: 113-119 | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2016.VIIN2/pp.113-119