V3, N1 (2017) Junho

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Publicado online:  Junho 2017

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Carla Pinto, Maria Irene Carvalho, Fernanda de Oliveira Sarreta

Páginas: 5-14 | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2017.VIIIN1/editorial


Counter-Reform in Brazilian Health Policy and impacts on Social Work
Raquel Soares, Ana Vieira, Edgar dos Santos, Ruthelcy de Andrade, Renato da Silva, Irla da Silva

Páginas: 17-37 | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2017.VIIIN1/pp.17-37

Participation of the social worker in the Municipal Health Councils in the state of São Paulo
Andréia Liporoni

Páginas: 39-55  | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2017.VIIIN1/pp.39-55

The social case in health: a dimension of Social Work in a hospital context
Inês Guerra

Páginas: 57-79  | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2017.VIIIN1/pp.57-79

Mental health in Portugal, constraints and challenges for Social Work
Isabel Fazenda

Páginas: 81-104  | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2017.VIIIN1/pp.81-104

Health Policy and Social Work: A study on intersectoriality in Ituiutaba / MG Brazil
Lorrainy Mendes

Páginas: 105-125 | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2017.VIIIN1/pp.105-125

The mental health of social workers in Portugal
Sónia Ribeiro, Maria Amaro

Páginas: 127-146  | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2017.VIIIN1/pp.127-146

Research as a form of resistance of social workers and response to neoliberal principles
Aline Martins, Camila Fernandes, Géssica Mororó

Páginas: 147-160 | DOI: 10.33167/2184-0644.CPP2017.VIIIN1/pp.147-160