Created in 2001, the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies (CAPP) is a research centre dedicated to research, consultancy and advanced training, while it is also active in the scientific dissemination of knowledge in social and political sciences. Its main objective is to establish bridges between the production of scientific knowledge and society.

As a research centre classified by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia as "Excellent", we value the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge as an investment in the future and essential for a conscious and participatory citizenship, as well as for social and economic development. Scientific knowledge must be made "for" as much as "with" society, thus allowing us to face new challenges through informed public policies. Innovative research must, therefore, be focused on quality of governance, furthering the way for a better quality of life.

Research: CAPP is organized into two research groups - Society, Communication and Culture (SCC) and Power, Administration and Public Policies (PAPP). Each group develops its research lines along different processes of social change.

Training: The researchers at CAPP tutor students in masters courses, PhD and Post-docs, providing them with current, relevant and critical training. The research centre also receives students from all over the world seeking advanced training focused on current social problems.

Dissemination of knowledge: The research carried out at the CAPP aims to inform policymakers as well as citizens. Scientific dissemination constitutes an intrinsic part of the processes of knowledge production.

Consulting: Oriented towards a diagnosis of particular situations, consultancy at CAPP is guided by experts with proven scientific experience in problem solving.

Thus, our main objectives include:

  • The production of knowledge in areas of scientific research related to the three research groups
  • Provide support for the dissemination of results from research
  • Contribute to the training of new researchers
  • Collaborate in national and international networks for the production and sharing of knowledge
  • Provide consulting services to the community


CAPP supports the guidelines for producing Science in Open Access.