The Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies (CAPP) is a research unit of the Institute of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP). CAPP seeks to be a reference of fundamental research on social and political sciences domains, at the national and international levels, by the imperative of responsibility towards the current and future generations. CAPP’s identity is based on socio-political commitment, humanistic, professional ethics, academic rigour, and the constant search for excellence and innovation.

CAPP’s mission is in line with ISCSP’s mission. We seek to develop and disseminate fundamental and applied research from social and political sciences by cooperating. Among the cooperation are community services of consultancy, action research focusing on CAPP’s main areas of research, promotion, and participation in cultural, scientific, and technique exchange. In addition, international cooperation and contributions are embedded in our mission approaching different nations, particularly Lusophony’s and European countries.

CAPP’s responsibility is to develop a sustainable and ethical research strategy for social and political sciences domains. To do so, we want to create synergies and strengthen the ties between research and teaching through the interdisciplinary tradition of courses offered by ISCSP. In this sense, it is crucial to consolidate a relational strategy among the different existing areas of studies, creating dialogues for bolstering the research and teaching with broader disciplines views.

Moreover, we would like to strengthen an integrational strategy. On the one hand, we are developing the main research areas of ISCSP, which distinguish professors and researchers in those research fields. On the other hand, our endeavour aims to facilitate means for pioneer research on social and political sciences. Such a strategy aims to bridge scientific production with dissemination among students and scientific communities at the national and international levels.

The pathway to excellence is challenging, and it will continue to be. However, hope is prudential, and notorious is the CAPP researcher’s determination throughout the years contributing with the research centre to accomplish its mission in line with ISCSP, to provide outstanding theoretical and practical insights to build a better society.

Greetings to all!