Webinars Portuguese Presidency: The "5 Europes"

February 1st, 2021
Webinars Portugal 5Europes

The Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies (CAPP) has organized a new cycle of webinars, Portuguese Presidency: The ‘5 Europes’. The webinars will be held remotely, via Zoom.

Specialists on the field will incite the debate about the present and future, joining the several political, social, and economic agents that contribute, to the academy vision.

We invite you to check the full program. We hope to see you there!

January, 28th - 18h: Europa Resiliente: Pandemia e Recuperação Económica [Banner]
Zoom link: https://rebrand.ly/ubuh2
Meeting ID: 87662409461

February, 25th - 18h: Europa digital: Qualificação dos Cidadãos Europeus [Banner]
Zoom link: https://rebrand.ly/pty3w
Meeting ID: 88305756298

April, 29th - 18h: Europa Verde: A Transição Climática [Banner]
Zoom link: https://rebrand.ly/t61mb
Meeting ID: 81053260303

May, 27th - 18h: Europa Social: O Modelo Social Europeu Entre a Competitividade e a Coesão
Zoom link: https://rebrand.ly/gh4h7
Meeting ID: 89962105120

June, 24th - 18h: Europa Global: Nós e os Outros
Zoom link: https://rebrand.ly/rvl16
Meeting ID: 86842479021